Yöntem Kozmetik for Career

Yöntem Kozmetik for Career

Yöntem Kozmetik at Office

Yöntem Kozmetik at Office

Yöntem Kozmetik for Career

A working principle by which you can accomplish great things

We develop projects and celebrate our success together with the brands we represent and our business partners. We care about information sharing and mutual benefit during projects. We respect the knowledge of our business partners; blend their knowledge with our own culture, and focus on success.

An organization in which you can build your future

We believe that each member of our team has the effect and significance to carry us to the future. Thus, we think laterally, regard everyone joining our team as a talent, and give them space to develop their capabilities. We build the future of our employees together with career directions and trainings.

Yöntem Kozmetik at Office

A pleasant workspace is important to us

We prefer to work in our office without the dress code limitations.

We have fun and spend great time together at our Happy Hours.

We arrange our working hours during summer, leave the office at 16.30 on Fridays from May 1st to September 30th, and kick start the weekend fun early.

Productive minds are valuable to us

We value creating environments in which we can share information and develop ideas. We listen to the creative projects presented by our teams, ensure that the ideas are presented in meetings with the management, and broaden our horizons.

We provide various training opportunities for our team members who want to improve themselves, and we invest in people.

We produce new projects with our team named Voltran by getting the support of our brands for anyone who wants to implement social responsibility projects, and support the development of society.

Can you see yourself among us?