We became the business partner of global companies offering sales and distribution services with our logistics and distribution network that we closely follow each step thereof with technology, our large-scale warehousing service, and customized supply chain. Today, we are a company that acts as the distributor of the world’s best cosmetics and fast-moving consumer goods in Turkey and Caucasia.

Our objective is to become the top sales and distribution company of Turkey and Caucasia in the sectors of cosmetics and fast-moving consumer goods. Accordingly, we continue to grow our supply chain and technology investments every day.

We’ve worked with great teams since the beginning. We are here today with their belief in what they do and their great effort. We’ve always paid strict attention to the growth of our employees believing in the importance of investing in the human capital. We believe in the enthusiasm of the rising generation, and together getting prepared for the future.

We thank our valued business partners whose support we always feel with us, and our employees, customers, and suppliers who carry us forward.

Musa Kazım Engin